Principal's Word







Another spectacular Senior School Production. Our students performed 3 times on the day and were magnificent. Well done to everyone involved. Smiles everywhere on the day. We are producing a Highlights DVD so that the rest of the school can see what happened on the day. This will be available in a week or so. It’s a reality show that you will want to see. Our kids performing at a top class level. Well done.




The Art room was alive with excitement last week when Mrs Barrett switched on our new 3D printer. At LPPS we are sprinting into the 21C with the exploration of 3D worlds, 3D photography and drone technology. The aim is to open up our students minds to the possibilities the future holds for them. The first step in 3D printing was achieved last week when a trial group of students and Mrs Barrett  created a 3D    necklace. The process took 45 minutes. The test was a complete success and  throughout Semester Two students will be exploring this medium and creating their own pieces.




Wow we have sold a lot of tickets for our cinema night at the Karingal Cinemas. But 8th  September is the closing date for bookings. The cinema needs to know the numbers attending to organise suitable cinemas. Please book your seats early; do not wait to the last minute. We would hate to see people missing out. This will be a wonderful night. The two movies have been chosen! A number of grades have watched the trailers and voted on the best movies for their age level.  Find out what they chose on page 2 of this newsletter!  Both   movies are family friendly and will be great.  NOTE: When you send your notice back please remember to put your name and grade and number of tickets etc. Hard to allocate a seat when forms come back without this information. Yes I know you giggle but it does happen.






As outlined last fortnight a letter will be sent home this week to  a randomly selected percentage of our parents to participate in the annual Department of Education and Training opinion survey.  The survey helps our school gain an understanding of how you view our school climate, student engagement, and relationships.  Our school will use the results to inform school planning and improvement  strategies. The survey will be conducted online by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd and only takes 15 minutes to complete.  It can be accessed from this Monday to Sunday 27th August.  Results will be sent back to our school at the end of September. 




Ron Skidmore