Year 6

The final year

Term 1

The Year 6 students have  the opportunity to apply for various leadership roles within the school, which include School Captains, House Captains, Student Ambassadors, SRC, Library, Music, I.C.T and Chess Club Monitors.  With the leadership roles and extra responsibilities on offer in Year 6, this year is a fantastic opportunity to focus on their social skills as a friend and a team player, while using positive attitudes and maturity when faced with problems, so that when they venture off to secondary school they feel confident in many ways, either as a leader, with their schoolwork, and as a person with positive social skills.


The students also are involved in a week long Water Safety Program culminating with a carnival on the Friday at Mornington beach.  During this week they participate in snorkelling, kayaking, first aid, open water swimming. The year 6 students will have opportunities for endurance swimming, swimming in clothes and partake in rescue practices. They will be assessed on their ability to swim, wearing and swimming with life jackets, water entry and boating techniques. 


The Year 6 students during Term 1 will also learn about Politics in Australia, with a focus on ‘Australia as a Nation’. They will have a visit by two speakers from the parliament of Victoria where they will act out the ‘making and passing of a law’.


Term 2

The Year 6 students are involved in the Family Life Incursions. The integrated focus for this term is ‘Our Scientific World’ where students will be given opportunities to conduct scientific research and develop their critical thinking skills.


Also during Term 2 the students will have their yearly Adventure camp. This is a fun, exciting camp in a magnificent setting where students can experience a variety of activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, rope courses, initiative / trust activities, flying fox, giant rope swing, swimming and lots more.




Term 3

As part of a unit of study on ‘Australia’s Connections to the World’ students will learn about Australia’s past, present and will have opportunities to hypothesise about its future.




Term 4

We will be learning about ‘Australian Stories’, where students will have an opportunity to look into the lives of Australian’s and see that everybody has a story to tell.


It is important that children are introduced to a variety of activities so that they will be better able to use their recreational time now, and in the future.  To further develop this strategy, a TWO x TWO SPORTS ACTIVITIES PROGRAM has been devised where the students can choose and participate in  -


1. FENCING: School gym Instruction and all equipment provided


2. TENNIS: Frankston Tennis Club (near Frankston Hospital) Instruction and equipment provided


3. TEN PIN BOWLING: At Frankston (Karingal) complex next to Input Fitness Centre, Frankston/Cranbourne Road


4. FITNESS CIRCUIT: Input Fitness Centre Fully qualified instructor provided


5. INDOOR CRICKET: Frankston Action Centre - Equipment supplied


6. BOULDERING: Bayside Road, Carrum Downs - Qualified coaches and equipment supplied



During Term 4 the Year 6 students also participate in a Surf and Sailing day.



Children will sail in pairs crewing Sparrow Yachts around a course marked out with buoys.  Each child will take a turn at the tiller whilst the other controls the main sail.  At all times there will be an experienced sailor in the yacht with your child.  Even though these yachts are unsinkable, the children will wear life jackets over their sailing clothing.



Children will learn how to paddle and perform basic manoeuvres on a surf board under the direction of a member of the East Coast Surf School.  Your child will also receive instruction on surf safety including how to recognize a rip, and swimming safely in the surf.  Wet suits and “Mini Mal” surfboards will be provided.


The students have a Transition Day at the Secondary College of their choice early in December and also participate in their End of Year Graduation Celebrations where a formal Graduation Ceremony is held in the school hall.  This ceremony is attended by the Year 6 students, parents and staff at Langwarrin Park.  It provides an opportunity for everyone to celebrate our students’ years at Langwarrin Park and to celebrate their achievements.  Following the ceremony, the students will adjourn to a disco in the Dance Studio.