Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Please find two of our favourite links below where we can practise our maths (especially our tables) and practise our weekly spelling words.  We encourage all of our students to do some weekly practise of Mathletics Live as this helps them to improve their automatic response to number facts and tables.  Proficiency in this area can lift overall numeracy performance.




Reading Eggs


Term 1

We begin Term 1 with a study of Indigeonous Australians.  We then investigate our great land Australia.  We look at the states and territories, the  major geographical features and those things that are uniquely Australian. 


The highlight of the term for the students is an intensive Bike Education Course in which they graduate with their bike licence.


















Term 2

We begin Term 2 with a study of the arrival of the First Fleet and the difficulties that they faced.  Following our study of the First Fleet we look at Early Sea Explorers and their journey of the world as navigator, explorer or trader.  A science unit titled Material World will investigate various properties of Natural and Processed material and how it can be best utilised - various activities will discover if materials will leak, soak, repel or even Rot!!



Term 3

We investigate our native wetlands.  We look at the special adaptations of wetland creatures and their interdependence on each other.  We look at the human impact on wetlands and ways to lessen this.  We have an incursion with Andrew Wegner to look at some of our wetland creatures.  This incursion is not for the 'faint hearted'.





During Term 3 the Year 4 students participate in a unit of study "A Place to build a city - Melbourne".  The students take part in a 3 day "City Camp".  We look at the history of Melbourne and some of its special features.  As part of this unit the students travel on a ferry along the Yarra River.  They also visit Eureka Tower Observation Deck to get a "bird’s eye view" of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. 





Term 4

In Term 4 the Year 4 students study the countries and cultures of Africa and South America in a Geography unit titled Alpacas to Zebras. Students will research and present a poster that identifies the main characteristics of animals and the differences in vegetation from their selected country.  They will also participate in a second science unit called Smooth Moves; an investigation into forces, friction, magnetism and how they affect different objects.  Fun hands on experiements are carried out using magnets and various other materials that will test friction.