Year 3


TERM 1 - The Year 3 students take a visit through an historic Victorian Homestead and gardens which include -


  • A tour through the house to see the difference in furniture & customs of    this era
  • A tour of the grounds
  • Time to play informal games at the nearby beach.


We request that all students dress in period costume on that day.





TERM 2 –   During Term Two the students learn about Australia and the individual states.  The physical characteristics of our country will be explored. One of the related learning experiences will include a visit to the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens. The students will learn about sustainable gardening techniques. They will learn how to be creative while still conserving our water resources. Planting drought tolerant species, mulching and employing sustainable planting techniques will be explored in depth to provide the students with deeper insights concerning modern day gardening.




















TERM 3 -  Throughout Term Three the students will look at diversity within our own country. The students will also look beyond our shores to investigate some of our neighbouring countries. Mapping work, use of the computer and relevant websites will be used  for this exploration.




TERM 4 -

In Year 3 the students also participate in their first school camp. In 2008 we moved our Year 3 camp to a much larger camp with extensive outdoor and indoor activities. This allows for all Year 3's to attend the same camp. As an additional activity all students will go on a trip on Puffing Billy from Belgrave to Emerald Lake before returning to school on the Wednesday.