The foundation year at Langwarrin Park Primary acknowledge that the student of today needs to be able to evaluate new learning as it becomes available, whilst recognising the connections in their own knowledge in order to make informed decisions and take responsible action to learn. This means that our teaching and learning methods must be inquiry-based and trans- disciplinary.


Teaching staff guide and nurture the student’s to be able to ask good questions and find and evaluate the answers. Young minds are full of questions, theories and ideas and these are explored through topics that capture and engage the children’s interest in their own learning environments.  Staff use open ended questioning, guided learning, collaboration, communication and problem solving to extend each child’s knowledge base and skill level.


Our foundation program aims to enhance children’s lives through the provision of carefully planned experiences that are formed to enrich the student’s journey, in both the indoor and outdoor environment. These programs are prepared by the foundation staff that understand and nurture the importance of each developmental stage of early childhood and how children progress through them differently. The Foundation team establishes a pathway for each child to learn, discover and grow to prepare them for the learning journey ahead.




The Mathematics program is integrated through the curriculum and allows students to learn through play, exploration, games, cooperative activities and discussion. Students become actively involved in Mathematics using concrete materials and technology, to develop simple problem solving strategies in a supportive learning environment.





Uninterrupted literacy blocks ensure the delivery of a proactive daily Literacy Program enhances each child’s literacy experience. This provides each student with small group and intensive support, appropriate to their individual needs. Throughout these sessions students come to appreciate, enjoy and use the English language in all its variations. Students develop a sense of its richness and power to evoke feelings, convey information, form ideas, facilitate interaction with others, entertain, persuade and agree. 



To enhance the foundation curriculum the students participate in a range of specialist programs including, music, information technology, sport, swimming, library and art. These are foundation directed programs that nurtures every student’s ability in all areas of potential – academically, physically, creatively and emotionally. Opportunities allow for active engagement in a rich and challenging learning environment where explicit and effective teaching strategies balance active student inquiry. An enthusiasm for learning is developed through success.



The first year of schooling is a very exciting one for our Prep/Foundation children.  We begin Term 1 with an introduction to all that LPPS has to offer.  Our children will explore the Art Room, ICT lab, Phys  Ed department and the Music room.




The Prep children will be involved in activities that surround the topic of “ME” and “GROWING UP”.   They will invite their Grandparents to join them for an afternoon at school where they will perform songs and dances for them  – This is a highlight of our 1st Term at school!


We immerse ourselves in the Koori culture and celebrate with a “Koori Day” involving all the Prep classes.







We will investigate “Our special place” through the use of our 5 senses.  The children will conduct experiments in the classroom using their various senses, they will learn all about Road Safety, participate in PMP and have their first opportunity to be involved in our school swimming program.




A highlight for this term is an exciting visit to the TASKWORKS centre where they will learn through “Challenges for the mind and body”.




This term sees the children at school for 100 Days! We learn all about the number 100 and involve ourselves in a “Special number day”. 


The Prep children investigate the phenomenon that is our Melbourne weather!  We conduct experiments, record the daily weather, discover the mysteries behind rainbows and work out where snow and hail comes from. We have a visit from the CSIRO and learn lots of fascinating things!


Our highlight for this term is an exciting “Fairytale Day” with lots of fun rotational activities and a parade through the school.