Year Six



A warm welcome back to school for the second half of our year. We hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable holiday break! Our students have a busy term ahead with our swimming program beginning in August, Family Life incursions in September and many more events such as Book Week in between.

Important 2018 Dates:

Swimming: 6/5, 6/6 and 6/7 are Tuesday 31st July, Tuesday 7th August and Tuesday 14th August

6/8 and 6/9 Thursday 2nd August, Thursday 9th August and Thursday 16th August

EMC Oratory:

Book Week: 13th - 17th of August

Family Life: 6th, 13th and 20th September

Graduation: Wednesday 19th December

Learning Focus for Term 3


Reading - In reading this term, students will continue to develop their understanding of comprehension, accuracy, fluency and vocabulary strategies to enable them to understand and process what they read. This will be assisted through development of multiple spelling rules which provide tools to process challenging text. Daily 5 activities enable students to apply this learning, practising and fine tuning their skills.

Writing - Students are already enjoying the genre of persuasive writing this term. We have been learning about the foundations and structure of a successful persuasive writing piece, with students developing their own lists of subjects they would like to explore. In the second half of the term, we will focus our attentions to poetry, where students will explore multiple language patterns in formats such as ballads, limericks and free verse.


Number and Algebra - Our focus will be on building understanding of the relationship between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. This is a rich area of maths with lots of real world applications of learning and it will form the basis of our mathematics learning this term.

Statistics and Probability - Building on our skill base using fractions, decimals and percentages, towards the middle of the term we will explore probability and the graphical representation of statistical data.

Measurement and Geometry - Towards the end of the term we will explore a shape and measurement unit that will explore the conversion and comparison of units of measurement, the construction and transformation of shapes and geometric reasoning with coordinates and angles.

Problem solving -.Throughout the term we will continue a weekly focus on building problem solving strategies, which is the essence of all mathematical learning.

Integrated Studies

In Term 3, students will undertake an Integrated Studies unit focusing on Australia’s liberal democratic system of government and the key institutions of Australia’s democratic government. Students learn about representative democracy and voting processes in Australia. They will expand on their knowledge of the law by studying how laws affect the lives of citizens as well as how state/territory and federal laws are made in a parliamentary system. Students investigate the role of groups in our community and examine the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizens.


This term, students will undertake a unit of Biological Science called ‘Marvellous micro-organisms’. The unit is an ideal way to link science with literacy in the classroom. It provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of the role of micro-organisms in food and medicine. Students investigate the conditions micro-organisms need to grow, learn about yeast and the bread-making process, and research the development of penicillin.


THRIVE focus for Term 3 is Try Your Best and Get Involved. During this term, students will be exploring digital citizenship where the focus is on positive engagement in the online environment. This is a crucial phase of understanding ICT and learning how to minimise the risk of online interactions and developing awareness of their online footprint.


With the end of year fast approaching, this term we will begin to prepare for Graduation. Keep an eye out for a note that will be sent home in the coming weeks asking for parent volunteers to join our graduation committee.

Family Life

In September, we welcome instructors from Family Life Victoria who will present a program to our Level 6 students titled “Moving into the Teen Years.” This is an engaging and informative program that is designed to enhance self-esteem, consolidate previous sexuality and relationship education and help develop communication and decision making skills. Exploring a range of adolescent issues, this comprehensive program is designed for this important time in the lives of senior primary school students.


Homework will continue to be used to reinforce concepts learnt in the classroom as well as develop organisational skills of students at home.