Year Six



Welcome back to Term 2, we hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday. Term 2 is a very busy term for Level 6. We have our Phillip Island Camp, our production of Olivia Twist and student led conferences.


Important 2018 Dates

Camp: Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th May

Production: Wednesday 23rd May

Semester one reports go home: Wednesday 6th June

Student Led Conferences: Thursday 7th June and Friday 8th June


Learning Focus for Term 2




Reading - Students will continue to develop as readers using the Daily 5 structure. They will develop goals with their teachers and monitor them during conferencing sessions. Comprehension will be a focus this term and students will be explicitly taught the 12 comprehension strategies.


Writing - Narratives and persuasive texts are the focus in writing in Term 2. Students will plan, draft, edit and publish pieces of writing and be challenged to expand their writing and begin to incorporate increased vocabulary.




Number and Algebra - Multiplication and division and fractions, decimal and percentages will be our 2 units of study this semester. Students will use George Booker’s sequences of developing multiplication and division to consolidate their strategies for computation multiplication and division.


Problem solving - Students are working on the various strategies that can be used to solve mathematical problems. Our unit aims to develop flexibility as well as mathematical reasoning skills.



Integrated Studies

During Term 2, Year Six students will undertake a unit on History, investigating the Federation of Australia. Students will investigate individuals who played significant roles in Australia becoming a nation.



It’s Electrifying!

Students will develop their understanding through hands-on activities that explore the role of electrons in transferring energy in electric circuits. Through investigating batteries, light bulbs, switches, conductors and insulators, they will explain how battery-operated devices, for example, a torch, work.


Change Detectives

Students become detectives who identify and explain physical and chemical changes in everyday materials. They will explore melting, evaporating, dissolving, burning and chemical reactions. Students’ understanding of the factors that influence the rate of change will be developed through hands-on activities and student-planned investigations.



THRIVE focus for Term 2 is “Relate Well”, this means developing respect for self and others, getting to know others and being inclusive. Students will participate in lessons and learning experiences that highlight these core values.


Student Led Conferences

The purpose of the student led conference is for the student to share their learning and goals with their parents. Students will have time to prepare and practice their conference during class time.



Homework will continue to be used to reinforce concepts learnt in the classroom as well as develop organisational skills of students at home.