Year Five - Term 1 2018

Langwarrin Park Primary School

2018 Level 5 Newsletter - Term 1

The Level 5 Team

Welcome to Year 2018! We hope you all had a wonderful break and are ready for the school year ahead. Our Level 5 team for 2018 is Fay Hanifah 5/10, Jackie O’Neill 5/11 Diane Schmidt 5/12, Matthew Dutchman 5/14 and Tobi Hailey 5/16.


We strive to empower all our students to develop lifelong learning skills. We praise individual effort and encourage our students to persist, and believe that they can all achieve their learning goals.  We also encourage our students to develop independence and responsible attitudes which will assist them in making a positive transition to high school.

Specialist Timetable

Our specialists are Sue Burt and Franca Peluso (P.E), Danielle Barrett (Art), Jenny Barrett (Performing Arts), Dianne Pendlebury (Music) and Alena Schneider (Indonesian).







5/10, 5/12, 5/16

5/11, 5/14




5/10, 5/11, 5/12, 5/14


All of Level 5

Level 5 Sport


5/11, 5/14

5/10, 5/16




5/12, 5/14, 5/16




All classes



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Better Buddies Program

The Better Buddies Program aims to reduce bullying behaviour through the development of empathy, pro-social values and positive pro-social relationships between children of different ages. Strong positive connections between children discourage antisocial behaviour.

This year the Level 5 students will be paired with a prep buddy and will be trained in the importance of being a supportive role model for their little person.



Students will be continuing to develop their use of the CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand Vocabulary) reading strategies. During a typical reading session, an explicit mini lesson is facilitated by the teacher and students apply these strategies to further improve their reading skills. The Daily 5 structure (Word Word, Listen to Reading, Read to Self, Read to Someone and Work on Writing) allows students to practice their individual goals.


In preparation for NAPLAN, Level 5 will focus on the narrative and persuasive text structures. During our writing sessions, students will have to opportunity to unpack the features of each text type and learn how to utilise them effectively to enhance reader interest. At the end of each fortnight, Level 5 will participate in a Big Write session as an opportunity to create well-written, creative and elaborate texts.


During our spelling sessions, students will continue to develop their knowledge of phonemes and spelling rules while studying their Ayers Spelling Lists. Students will be encouraged to strive for excellence by considering word origin while practising their spelling.


In preparation for NAPLAN, our Number and Algebra focus will be place value. This includes expanding, renaming and rounding off numbers, exploring larger numbers and developing the ability to; compare, order numbers to a million and compare, order and represent decimal numbers to one hundredth.

Students will also be revising the addition, subtraction and multiplication algorithms. We will be exploring the use of grid reference systems and the units of measurement. Throughout our lessons students will be using a range of problem solving strategies such as looking for the important words in a question or drawing a picture when solving worded problems.

Integrated Studies

Humanities - Geography

This term we will be investigating the continent of Asia by asking ‘Are Neighbours Important?.  The children will be looking at the geography of the continent as a whole as well as undertaking an inquiry of their chosen Asian country.  They explore the geography of that country as well as the economic, social and cultural characteristics of their chosen country.

Science - Physical

This term we look at light and conduct a number of experiments to explore how light is absorbed, reflected and refracted.  The students are involved in the scientific process by predicting the outcomes of experiments and then conducting and recording results.  They will then be asked to interpret their results and draw appropriate conclusions.


With access to school laptops and our BYOD program, students will incorporate ICT into many aspects of their learning: Integrated studies, Maths, Science and Literacy will facilitate contemporary learning and development.


Wellbeing, by definition is a state of being comfortable, happy and healthy. Our targeted weekly sessions will aim to achieve these things while preparing them for life in the senior school.

Some key topics that will be covered include:

  • Respect

  • Friendship

  • Resilience

  • Leadership

These sessions may also include guided meditation or circle time activities.


The children will be participating in a weekly home reading program as well as weekly mathematics tasks. Also each term the children will be required to complete a project. This term the students will be doing an oral presentation on a country of their choice.

Important Dates for 2018

NAPLAN - 15th to 17th May

Camp (Sovereign Hill, Ballarat) - 13th to 15th June