Year Four



In Term 2 we will continue to expect students to follow these expectations:

  • take on the responsibility of being a good role model for the junior year levels 
  • show respect for their peers, teachers, other children and the school environment
  • display manners and be courteous at all times
  • obey school rules and complete set tasks within the classroom
  • be aware of their surroundings.

We appreciate the relationship between home and school and thank you for your continued support throughout Term 1. Just as a reminder, if your child is absent, please ensure you send in a written absence note or a submission through ‘skoolbag.’

Specialist Program

The Year 4 students will be participating in the following specialist lessons throughout the year; Phys. Ed, LOTE, Music, Art and Performing Arts. Students will also be involved in year 4 sport and swimming.

Key Dates

  • Swimming – 24th of April (beginning of Term 2)

  • ANZAC DAY- 25th of April (Public Holiday)

  • Cross Country- 2nd of May

  • Reports home- 6th of June

  • Parent teacher interviews- 7th and 8th of June

  • Curriculum day- 8th of June

  • Queen’s Birthday- 11th of June (Public Holiday)

  • 23rd of June- Working Bee

  • Last day of term 2- 29th of June

  • First day of term 3- 16th of July

  • School Camp (Term 3) – Wednesday 29th to Friday 31st of August.



    We would like to have a ‘Bike Skills’ day in Term 4, however this program heavily relies on parent volunteers. Please let us know if you are interested in assisting on the day, otherwise it may not go ahead.

    Below is an overview of our structures and programs that aims to help inform you of what we teach and how we teach.


    Reading using CAFÉ and Daily 5 - this program teaches Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding vocabulary strategies (CAFE) and encourages students to choose ‘Good Fit’ books from a range of sources. The students will read a range of books that they want to read. As a year level, we are focusing on comprehension skills through a range of sources. Students in Year 4 will also take part in the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) this year. PRC books will be available for borrowing by students from the school Library.

    Students will plan, draft, and publish a variety of genres following the structure of the Seven Steps to Writing Success program. They will continue to participate in the Big Write.

    Spelling will be done as a part of the daily 5 rotations and also during grammar lessons. Students will become familiar with spelling rules and strategies to help them spell unfamiliar words. Each student will receive individualised spelling lists each week.


    This term we will be focusing on:

    Number and Algebra

    We will be revising and improving our knowledge of the four processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

    Measurement and Geometry

    We will be focusing on comparing angles, comparing the characteristics of shapes (2D and 3D).

    Statistics and Probability

    We will be focusing on collecting data, representing data in graphs and tables.


    This term we will be focusing on Indigenous Australians. In science we will be looking at how different materials are used in society (‘Material World’).

    Digital Technologies

    Along with laptops as tools to support learning, we will also begin to incorporate the use of coding programs such as ‘Scratch,’ and ‘’.


    Our school has undertaken a new wellbeing program called ‘THRIVE’. In term 2, we will be focusing on resilience, rights and respectful relationships.


    This year students will be participating in various homework activities that reinforce different Literacy and Numeracy skills.