Foundation - Term 1 2018

Langwarrin Park Primary School

Foundation - 2018



Welcome to Foundation at Langwarrin Park Primary School!

Our team for this year includes Ashlee Exner (Prep Coordinator- F1), Maddison Angell – F2, Nicole Byrne – F3, Karen Corrales – F4 and Lisa Dempsey (Transition Coordinator – F13).

We are looking forward to working with such happy, creative students and to provide a stimulating and engaging learning program that is both supportive and challenging for the 2018 students.

Being in Foundation will be a very exciting and busy time for your child. Our aim is to consolidate and extend your child’s understandings in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and both their Physical and Personal Development. Each teacher has expectations that children will try their best, take risks with their learning, ask questions to their teachers and peers, talk to each other in a friendly way and participate in all activities.

Wellbeing curriculum brings together best-practice teaching with the science of Positive Psychology to help all students reach their academic and personal potential. Based on research, we have developed ‘THRIVE’. Our THRIVE model outlines 6 simple actions you can take to build robust levels of wellbeing, these are; TRY your best, be HEALTHYRELATE well, get INVOLVED, live your VALUES, and ENJOY positive emotions.


In the Foundation team we have a major focus on English which is divided into Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. During Term One we learn/practise the letters of the alphabet, with a particular focus on the sounds. We do this using the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LiPs).
We encourage a love of reading using the three ways to read a story: Read the words, Read the pictures and Retell the story. This leads into our CAFE and Daily 5 Reading Programs where we will introduce a variety of strategies. These activities will help students learn how to read and write.  In Writing, we use the Victorian Cursive font with an emphasis on the starting points and formation of each letter. We also use the Magic Words (M100W) in reading and writing as these are the most common words in English.


This term in Mathematics the students will be learning to count, recognise, make and order numbers 1-10. The students will be using a number line to help identify which number comes before and after a set number. We focus on both picture and number patterns and how to continue and create our own. We also learn how to ‘subitise’, which is recognising the amount of dots or objects in a collection without having to count them one by one (such as dot patterns found on a dice). In the classroom we discuss different times of the day and common words such as ‘today, tomorrow and yesterday’ as well as ‘morning, afternoon and night’ to discuss when different events take place.



Our students will learn a variety of skills this term such as using a computer and iPad safely, using a mouse, typing on the keyboard and logging on and off the computers. At Langwarrin Park Primary we use Reading Eggs, Oxford Owl and Mathletics. We will use the school iPads and computers to consolidate English and Maths knowledge and skills.



During the term our students will explore a variety of inquiry topics including:

  • getting to know each other in our new classes

  • classroom rules

  • places around the school and our school community

  • being Sunsmart

  • learning about our families

We will finish off the term with Easter crafts in the classroom.


Specialist Timetable

Our Foundation classes enjoy several regular specialist classes each week.  Your teacher will display a timetable in the classroom window outlining your weekly activities.  Below is a list of specialist subjects and teachers.




Mrs Hamilton/ Mrs Watson


Mrs Eichner

Performing Arts

Mrs Barnett

Physical Education

Mrs Burt


Bu S/ Bu Wilson




Your child will be part of the Better Buddies Program and matched up with a Grade 5 student. Please check out the website.



Regular nightly activities expected for Foundation students include take home readers, Cluster/LiPS Sounds and Magic Words (M100W). Additionally, students also have the opportunity to access Reading Eggs and Mathletics, which are online programs to help consolidate your child’s learning.

The purpose of take home books is to foster the enjoyment of independent reading. As such, you will find that these books are easier than those utilised within our Daily 5 Program under teacher instruction. Take home books are kept in your child’s reading satchel along with their yellow reading log book. Reading satchels are sent home every night and are expected to be returned each day.

Cluster/LiPS sounds provide students with the opportunity to learn all letter names and their corresponding sounds as taught within the classroom.

M100W need to be revised at home to assist students both with Reading and Writing. Classroom teachers will test students on a regular basis with students awarded a certificate prior to moving onto the next M100W list.

Parent involvement

At Langwarrin Park Primary, we foster strong and productive partnerships with parents, creating many opportunities for families to be involved in the classroom. We encourage you to work closely with your child’s teacher so that you have as much information as possible about our curriculum programs. We greatly appreciate the role that parents play in supporting the learning needs of our students and making our school a great place to be.

All parents who wish to help in the classroom and/or on excursions are required to have a Working With Children Check (WWCC). Once you have your WWCC please present it to the school office to copy and file. This helps to keep our students safe.


It would be great to have as many parents in each morning to read with the children as it promotes a positive relationship with reading. The children love reading with their families and meeting other parents. You do not have to sign up to regular days; whenever you are available for 15 – 20 minutes in the morning is wonderful!


Communication with classroom teachers can take place through the Class Dojo application. This program provides the opportunity for sharing positive communication between parents and teachers.

Please remember to notify your child’s classroom teacher of any absences in writing.

Key dates

  • January 30th: Foundation School Entry Interviews commence

  • February 2nd: Foundation students begin school four days a week (Wednesdays off)

  • February 20th: Foundation Family BBQ

  • February 27th: Parent Teacher Interviews

  • March 5th: Students commence full time

  • March 12th: Labour Day Public Holiday

  • March 14th: Twilight Sports (Preps – Yr 2) TBC

  • March 29th: End of Term 1 - 2:30pm finish

*  An Easter Bonnet Parade will take place during the last week of term – date TBC


We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year,

Your Foundation team