Welcome back to Term 2! We hope everyone had a great rest over the Easter holidays! Well done to all of the Foundation students for all of their hard work in Term 1! It is such a big transition and they were all AMAZING!


Term 2 - English

This term the Foundation team will continue with our primary focus on Reading, Spelling and Writing. Students will continue to be immersed in the CAFE Reading Strategies with a new Beanie Baby introduced each week. These strategies have been developed to assist students with their Accuracy as they read. As the term progresses students will begin to learn and practise strategies to support their Comprehension.  The Lindamood Phoneme Program (LiPs) will continue to develop students understanding of letter sound relationships. As students knowledge of these relationships progresses further, simple spelling rules will be introduced using the Spalding Spelling Program. These activities will support students reading and writing development. In Writing, students will be introduced to dotted thirds writing lines and commence practice of letter placement on these lines. Students will continue to learn about the key elements of personal recounts and undertake further modelled writing with a focus on the key elements of Vocabulary choice, Opening word choice and Punctuation.



This term in Mathematics students will continue to develop and build upon their number sense, including identifying numerals, number names and matching quantities of single and double digit numbers. We will explore ordinal numbers, identifying first to tenth, as well as identifying and using positional language to explain the location of objects in a given space. Students will be engaged in activities to understand and order days of the week and months of the year. In problem solving, the students will be introduced to a range of strategies to solve problems including make a pattern, make a list and draw a picture.


Digital Technologies

We will continue/begin to use ipads and computers throughout the term. Sometimes we use these in our Daily 5 Cafe activities, for Reading Eggs, Mathletics and with our buddies.



During the term our students will explore a variety of inquiry topics including:

  • Our Family
  • Grandparents Day
  • Anzac Day
  • Science - What is it made of?
  • How to stay safe at school - evacuation drills etc
  • Road Safety
  • Bike safety
  • Fire Safety
  • We also go on an excursion to Casey Safety Village


Specialist Timetable

Our Specialist timetable for Foundation has remained the same for term 2. The students look forward to each of their specialist classes each week.



Last term the students enjoyed meeting their Year 5 buddy and participating in lunch dates and activities and term 2 will see the continuation of this program.



Homework will continue as per term one and students are reminded to bring their Reading Satchel to and from school every day. At home students are required to read and practise their Cluster sounds and MIOOW Words on a regular basis. Students reading milestones will be celebrated in class with the awarding of a certificate corresponding to their reading efforts. Classroom teachers will continue to test students and award a certificate prior to moving onto the next MIOOW colour/list. When possible it is also great to go onto Reading Eggs and Mathletics to complete tasks set by the classroom teacher.

Your continued assistance with homework supports the learning students undertake in the classroom.


Parent involvement

A big thank you for all your help and support. It has been fantastic to see the progress everyone is making and we look forward to continuing this throughout the year.


PMP - Begins Term 2

A valuable program designed to:

• Develop/enhance muscle coordination, hand/eye coordination,motor coordination skills, through a variety of physical activities.

• Develop perceptions and understandings of a child through movement and motor experiences.

• Develop perceptions of time and space, pattern and order and limitations of the human body.

This program starts in week 3, Monday the 20th May.


Communication -

*Dojo protocoles

Just a reminder that dojo is used to send out general reminders and updates on what is happening in your child’s classroom. This program provides the opportunity for sharing positive communication between parents and teachers.

*Absent notes

If your child is sick or away for any reason, the Department requires that you provide a written, signed note with the dates of absence, reason, and child’s name. Alternatively by using the SkoolBag App (not Dojo) you can fill out an eform. Please let your classroom teacher know if you have used the App to notify us.


Mid year parent teacher interviews will be taking place the week commencing of the 4th of June. Notices about this will be sent home closer to the the date.  


Term 2 Key Dates:


  • Monday 16th April - Curriculum Day (Student Free Day)
  • Tuesday 17th April -School commences for all students
  • Wednesday 25th April - Anzac Day (Public Holiday)
  • Monday 14th and Thursday 17th May - Kinder visits our school
  • Tuesday 15th May - Evening school tour for prospective 2019 Foundation students at 6.30pm
  • Monday 28th May - Grandparents Day
  • Tuesday 29th May - Swimming session 1
  • Tuesday 5th June - Swimming session 2
  • Week commencing 4 June - Semester 1 Reports go home and Parent Teacher Interviews held
  • Friday 9th June - Curriculum Day (Student Free Day)
  • Monday 11th June - Queen's Birthday (Public Holiday)
  • Tuesday 12th June - Swimming session 3
  • Monday 18th June and Thursday 21st June - Each class visits Kinder for one session
  • Tuesday 19th June - Swimming session 4
  • Monday 25th June - Casey Safety Village and Ballam Park excursion (Prep 1 and Prep 4)
  • Tuesday 26th June - Swimming session 5
  • Wednesday 27 June - Casey Safety Village and Ballam Park excursion (Prep 2, 3 and 13)


We are enjoying working with you and your child this year, thank you again for all of your support,


Your Foundation team