Welcome back to Term 3! We hope you enjoyed the chance to rest and relax after what was a very productive term for our Foundation students. Well done on making it halfway through the school year! Shortly we will be celebrating our 100th Day of School in Week 3. There are lots of exciting things in store and many more engaging lessons to be had.

Term 3 - English

Term 3 will be consolidating all of the Spalding sounds the students have learnt this year and applying these into their writing. Cafe / Daily 5 activities will continue, with the students working on individual reading goals.  A major focus will be developing our writing skills, these will include correct lowercase formation as well as placement on the lined paper. Foundation staff have participated in Professional Development relating to writing and are implementing some of Lynn Watts’ writing ideas into the program. This entails developing rich oral language discussions after watching engaging movie clips. The students draw detailed pictures and are encouraged to write sentences. This will also be supported with the introduction of ‘The VCOP Gang’ which is a group of characters used to support students to write. Each letter stands for a particular area: V - Vinny Vocabulary, C - Connie Connectives, O - Ollie Openers and P- Penny Punctuation.


This term in Mathematics students will continue to develop and build upon their number sense. We will explore breaking numbers down into their parts and making them whole again, for example 6 is made up of 3 and 3, or 4 and 2. The students will also explore place value of single and double digit numbers, including tens as well as informal addition. Measurement activities will include using informal units to measure length, height and weight of familiar everyday objects. Students will continue to be engaged in activities to understand and order days of the week and months of the year. In problem solving, the students will be introduced to a range of strategies to solve problems including make a pattern, make a list and draw a picture.


Digital Technologies

Foundation students have enjoyed the opportunity to explore the iPads and computer lab with their class. This term will see the Foundation students introduced to Scratch Junior and other educational apps. We will also continue to utilise this equipment to incorporate the Daily 5 Cafe activities, Reading Eggs, Mathletics and interact with our buddies.



During the term our students will explore a variety of inquiry topics including:

  • The Seasons
  • Weather
  • Fairy Tales
  • Book Week
  • Father’s Day
  • We will also go on an excursion to Taskworks


Specialist Timetable

Our Specialist timetable for Foundation this term will change. Some classes will begin Performing Arts and some of the specialists classes may also be on different days. Please look at your child’s classroom window display for these current updates. The students look forward to each of their specialist classes each week. PMP will also continue on a Monday morning.



Term 3 will see the introduction of the Foundation Buddy Bears. The Buddy Bears will be visiting students’ homes each week and recording their adventures in their Buddy Bear Diary. As each student takes home a Buddy Bear they will have the opportunity to share their story with their class.

The Year 5 buddies will continue to visit the Foundation students. They will be leading them in problem solving activities, sports afternoons and other THRIVE related activities.


Homework will continue as per Term One and Two. Students are reminded to bring their Reading Satchel to and from school every day. At home, students are required to read and practise their Cluster Sounds and M100W Words on a regular basis. The teacher aims to test students on these once a fortnight.

Reading and practising words on a nightly basis will provide your child with greater confidence to succeed and feel more willing to take on new learning challenges in the classroom. When also possible, it is great to go onto Reading Eggs and Mathletics to complete tasks that have been set by the classroom teacher.

Parent involvement

We really do appreciate all of your support, both in and out of the classroom.

A BIG THANKyou to all of our parents on behalf of the Foundation Team!  We have also really enjoyed working alongside you when helping in the classroom for our morning reading, our PMP sessions, and also on our exciting Excursions!


It has been fantastic to see the progress everyone is making and we look forward to continuing this throughout the year.



The children have enjoyed the first term of PMP and look forward to their session on a Monday morning. PMP would not run as smoothly without the fantastic help of the parents. We look forward to continuing the program in term 3.

PMP is a valuable program designed to:

• Develop/enhance muscle coordination, hand/eye coordination,motor coordination skills, through a variety of physical activities.

• Develop perceptions and understandings of a child through movement and motor experiences.

• Develop perceptions of time and space, pattern and order and limitations of the human body.

Communication -

*Class Dojo protocols

Just a reminder that class dojo is used to send out general reminders and updates on what is happening in your child’s classroom. This tool provides a great opportunity to achieve positive communication between parents and teachers.

*Absence notes

There have been some important department changes made very recently to how you can inform the school of absences when your child is sick or away for any reason. You can now log on to the Sentral Parent Portal to create absence records prior to, or on the day of the absence. In addition to this you can also call the absence line at school. The Skoolbag app is still available, however it will be phased out as Sentral becomes our preferred method. The Education Department requires that you provide a written, signed note with the dates of absence, reason, and child’s name unless you are using Sentral to record and notify our school. Based on changes to Departmental processes, if our school has not been notified of your child’s absence before 9.30am on the day of the absence, you will receive a SMS advising of the absence and asking that you contact the school to provide notification.


Transition is a major focus in Foundation with reciprocal visits between the local Preschool and our School. We have had the opportunity to visit Langwarrin Park Preschool and in term 3 and we will continue this with rotational visits. This allows the Preschool students to experience a school environment, while our current Foundation students get to explore the kinder and have fun learning through play.


Term 3 Key Dates:




Monday, 16th July

School commences for all students

Thursday, 2nd August

100 Days of School classroom celebrations

Monday, 6th August

Kinder swap - Preps visit Langwarrin Park Preschool while kinder kids visit their classroom


Thursday, 16th August

Fairytale Dress-up Day/Book Week

Wednesday, 22nd August

Excursion to Taskworks

Week 7 (commencing 27th August)

Father’s Day activity (date and time TBA)

Thursday, 6th September

2019 Prep Transition session 9:30 - 10:45am

Friday, 28th September

Last day of term 3 and 2:30pm finish


We are enjoying working with you and your child this year, thank you again for all of your support


Your Foundation team