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Student Attendance- Explanation of Student Absence


It is important that when your child is absent from school, that an explanation for the absence is provided. As a school we provide multiple ways for parents to provide an explanation for an absence. Parents are able to:

  1. Write a short note to the child’s teacher explaining the absence
  2. Submit an absence explanation using the Skoolbag app
  3. Provide an explanation of the absence within the Sentral Parent Portal
  4. Dojo child’s teacher explaining the reason for the absence.

To improve student attendance levels, the Department of Education have released new guidelines. As a school we now must notify parents on the day of an unexplained student absence. To meet this guideline, we will be using a SMS service within Sentral that will message parents when a student is marked on the school roll as an unexplained absence. From this Monday 25th June at 9.30am each day, SMS notifications will be sent to parents, where the child has been marked on the roll as an unexplained absence.

To support us with this, it is important that all parents notify their child’s teacher/school for all absences when they occur. We appreciate your support with ensuring all absences are promptly communicated with the school.



Sentral Parent PortalParent-Teacher Interview Bookings

For the first time we will be using the Sentral Parent Portal to make bookings for our parent-teacher interviews. The purpose of this interview will be for you to discuss your child’s first semester report with their teacher. The length for this interview is 10 minutes and if you require further time with your child’s teacher this can be arranged at the interview.  Bookings will open from 4pm today - click here for further details.



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